Toshita Pandey

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Quick thought for the day🚀

Date: October 27, 2023

Quick thought for the day: Is it really wrong to work a fixed 9 to 5? If someone's on fire with productivity between those hours, let 'em shine! 🔥⏰

Let's be real: what really matters is the magic we create, not the clock's hour hand. If the work is A+ at 2 p.m. or 2 a.m., does it matter? 🤷‍♂️🌌

And hey, a gentle reminder to all the amazing leaders out there: Flexibility goes both ways. If we're keen on folks not trickling in late, let's also make sure they aren't burning the midnight oil every day. 🌜⌛️

Flexibility isn't just a perk, it's a two-way street! 🛣️❤️

#WorkLifeBalance #FlexibilityMatters #ProductivityMagic 🚀